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  1. SGF-AP Eligibility form-2023-24.
  2. Mid Day Meal Proforma.
  3. Mandal Level Games Entry Form.
  4. Mandal Level players Entry Form.
  5. Provisional Selected List Proforms(A-D).
  6. Atheletics Form A -Mandal Level Results.
  7. Atheletics Form B-Constituency level Results.
  8. Atheletics Form C-District level Results.
  9. Games Form-A Mandal Level Provisional List.
  10. Games Form-B Constitution Level Provisional List.
  11. Games Form-C District Level Provisional List.
  12. Games Form-D Inter Level District Provisional List.
  13. District Level Players Entry Forms.
  14. SGF-AP Athletics Events_23-24.
  15. SGF-AP Swimming Under_14 & 17(Boys and Girls).
  16. SGF-AP Wrestling Weight Categories(14,17 and 19)_Boys and Girls.
  17. SGF-AP Declaration for CBSE students.
  18. SGFI Official Nomination.

SGF-AP Circulars_2023-24 :

  1. Mid Day Meal Proceedings(SS) for Games.
  2. Mid Day Meal CSE Proceedings for Games_2023-24.
  3. Mandal,Constituency and District Meets Instructions to all DEOs and DVEOs.
  4. SGF-AP Mandal Games Instructions-2023-24.
  5. SGF-AP Memo Telugu.
  6. Instructions to SGF-AP Secretaries.
  7. SGF-AP CBSE Clarifications_2023.
  8. Nationals-Inter Diststrict Tout.-District Selections_2023-24.