Drive in cricket

A drive is a straight-batted shot, played by swinging the bat in a vertical arc through the line of the ball, hitting the ball in front of the batsman. Depending on the direction the ball travels a drive can be a cover drive (stuck towards the Cover fielding position , an off drive (stuck towards Mid Off) or an on drive (stuck towards Mid On) A square drive is less common. It involves opening the “face”of the bat with the bottom hand to guide the ball square on the off side. Drives can be played both off the front and the back foot, but back foot drives are harder to force through the line of the ball. Sachin Tendulkar of India is well-known for his signature straight drive, which sissimilar to an on drive but is played straighter down the ground, past the bowler. A batsman driving through the covers, notice the position of the ball directly in the middle of the bat.